What is a Laser Scanner?

The laser scanner is a device with a high-frequency laser emitter that allows the 3D Laser Scanning / High Definition Scanning (HDS) of any study object, creating a dense point cloud in three-dimensional space, with an acquisition rate of up to 2 million points per second, long range and high metric quality, forming a three-dimensional numerical model. The final result will be a cloud of points with three-dimensional coordinates - (X, Y, Z) . The set of all partial clouds acquired in various positions or trajectories (in the case of mobile laser scanner), will represent the entire object of study.

The laser scanner is currently the best tool for architectural surveys, in areas or objects of study that require a very high level of detail, precision or even in areas of difficult access or high risk. The great advantage is the ability to capture billions of points in a fast and agile manner, resulting in reliable products, impossible to obtain with conventional technologies.
Its use considerably reduces the response time in obtaining results and allows the remote capture of topographic information in accessible and inaccessible places.
The end product of this type of survey is clouds with millions of georeferenced points, which can be used for two-dimensional vectorisation or three-dimensional modelling.
These point clouds contain a level of information that is unequalled and indispensable for decision-making, design or management of any object of study.

In addition to LIDAR data, this equipment can also include the association of the real colour of objects, through the capture of images with high resolution cameras (HDR).
With this innovative technology, we can recreate the object of study on the computer, create a 3D model in the form of a cloud of points and thus create a base of technical information of high metric quality, which allows data extraction for the creation of 2D vectorial information (plans, sections, elevations), 3D models or BIM. This procedure is called Reverse Engineering, i.e., "from the real to the project" - (as built).
With this metric quality and the association of the RGB values of the captured images in high resolution and with great pictorial richness, we will be able to digitalise any three-dimensional object and "bring reality to the computer"..

Fixed 3D Laser Scanner's and Mobile Mapping at TopoRigor's disposal, for the most diverse terrestrial or aerial applications:

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