About us

A Project with
30 years of experience.

TopoRigor was founded in 2001, based on a project started in 1991 by the managing partner in the field of Applied Topography, evolving since then into the most diverse areas of Geosciences, Engineering and Design

Today we accumulate experience and knowledge, maintaining the same initial “DNA”, with humility and dedication “to do more and better, in the most efficient way”. 

Our “Dream of Quality and Rigor”, with the right amount of ambition, has projected our name from customer to customer, reaching 590 clients in 2021.

Allow us a sincerely thanks to our customers, employees, suppliers and friends, they are our main development engine.”

Paulo Pereira


The passion and dedication of our team, highly focused on the continuous improvement of our responsiveness, have boosted the recognition of TopoRigor 3D Geosciences, in a market that demands quality.

To better serve the clients, the company's main focus are the continuous development and improvement of the Quality of Services Provided. In this sense, TopoRigor understands that it is fundamental to give priority to the Qualification of its Staff and the constant Renewal of Technology.

We true belief that working every day with great passion and dedication, having the commitment of our employees to the company’s continuous, improvement having the right environment for creativity and innovation in processes, if we meet and exceed our customers expectations will lead the company to become a market reference in the geosciences market. It is our true belief that this will be able to keep our customers loyal, especially "those who demand quality".

Today, we think TopoRigor in 3D:

Surveying . Engineering . Design

This new vision allows us to offer a greater range of services to our customers, advancing further into the "digital age" supported by the latest technology in Massive and Three-Dimensional Data and High-Resolution Image acquisition, namely 3D Laser Scanning (Fixed, Mobile Mapping and Air LIDAR) for acquisition of dense point clouds in three-dimensional space. The most recent aspect in this field are the UAV/Drones, where multiple systems and sensors can be coupled to obtain data by Remote Sensing (LIDAR, High Resolution Aerial Image, Near Infrared, Thermal, between others). 

These innovative mass data acquisition technologies, associated with high-precision surveying equipment and methods, enable us to “Bring the Reality to the Computer” in the form of three-dimensional numerical models, with results of very high metric and pictorial quality. Of this association results in massive point clouds with the real color of any object.

All this technology, in association with the technical knowledge acquired over almost 30 years of activity and the help of powerful software, installed on graphics stations with large processing capacity, allow us to provide a total and rigorous integration of our services to our clients in the following areas: Geosciences, Engineering and Design.

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