UAV/Drone – LIDAR & Image

LIDAR Sensors & High Resolution Aerial Photogrammetry (3D Point Clouds - Orthophotomaps - 3D Models)

The use of unmanned aircraft (UAV/drone), capable of carrying several high resolution sensors, such as: LIDAR, RGB Image, Infrared, Thermal, among others, is a technology that is already present in our daily lives, for over 10 years and has boosted our production capacity in different areas of intervention, study or project.

Together with all our other GNSS equipment, 3D Laser Scanning, Total Stations and powerful software for processing and editing massive data, allow us to produce differentiating results, such as: 3D point clouds, LIDAR Information Classification, Digital Terrain Models, Elevation Studies, NDVI, Slope Maps, Solar Exposure Maps, Orthorectified Image, Orthophotomaps, 3D or BIM models of Statuary, Constructions, Monuments, among others.

Before, these techniques were conditioned to the use of satellites or large planes equipped with high-resolution sensors, which despite the excellent results in national and regional processes, make the process very costly and not very agile for local dimension projects.

With the emergence of new technologies and sensors on board UAV/DRONE unmanned aircraft, we can accurately “measure, analyze, study and design” information with high metric quality. This technology has exponentially increased the application and versatility of this type of product.

Today we can use Remote Sensing to produce a lot of information in a short time, with high resolution, metric accuracy and with lower costs for the final client. These evidences, raise more and more its potential.

Applications and products: Point clouds, Digital terrain models (DTM), Irregular triangulation meshes (TIN), Mesh, Hydrological studies, Orthophotomaps of urban, agricultural, rural, forest areas, NDVI, Thermal maps, 3D models of objects, monuments and buildings, Historical collections, Rehabilitation and registration of tiles, Area measurement, Volume measurement, Monitoring of deformations or pathologies, among other applications.

By adding the right sensors to your target, we achieve high resolution and add value and potential to your project."

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